A shared table. A rambling kitchen garden. A hilltop farmhouse, and 113 acres.
Hands on cooking workshops and joyous seasonal lunches.


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Thirteen years ago I committed myself to eating with our Gippsland seasons and from our own land, a hilly but fertile 113 acres, knowing nothing more than that I wanted to live simply and well and play my own tiny part in ‘fixin’ things’. More than a decade later we have the deep satisfaction of knowing where all our food comes from, because it all comes from…here. So what will you find at Tamsin’s Table? Cooking workshops that get your hands back into the soil, harvesting and preparing ingredients you’ll cook just minutes later. Masterclasses that spring from family and community traditions, all that good stuff you can’t learn from books. And regular long table lunches to celebrate good company and the food we grow here. You can see what we’re up to here .


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‘Looking further’: Watercolour painting with Pip Compton

You may recognise Pip Compton as the talented illustrator and designer behind Tamsin’s Table visual details including our postcards, notebooks and wrapping paper and we’re not the only ones who think she is amazing; she is loved by some of Victoria’s best florists, creatives, producers and makers for her witty, delicate and always distinctive brand

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Workshops and lunches

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Menus change from day to day to reflect what is best and most bountiful in the garden - see what we've been eating recently.

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Friends of the Table

A small community of passionate people.

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